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Radio & TV content production

Radio & TV Content Production To make a good impression on the consumer, radio and television commercials must have high production values. Our production studio is outfitted with the technology required to create radio advertisements that will capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the ad. We have…
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Documentary Production

Documentary Production we provide full-service production in Malawi. We are built on years of experience in large productions of television documentaries.
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Photography Avid Media specializes in commercial photography of all types. Our photographers understand the importance of professional imagery in sales. We can assist you in developing a visual identity for your company through advertising imagery, corporate portraits, or product images.
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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications Consultancy Our corporate division caters to your specific business requirements. Avid is experienced in delivering powerful communications that engage your audience through creative and strategic campaigns, drawing on industry leading insight from across sectors. We collaborate with you to drive best practices so that we can achieve real…
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Live Streaming

Live Events Streaming Using cutting-edge audiovisual solutions to bring your creative vision to life. We understand how to captivate an audience. Each custom solution is designed, transported, set up, operated, and dismantled in collaboration with the client.
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Avid has the technology, expertise, and creativity to enhance your audio-visual experience in the most captivating and innovative ways.

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